Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt

Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt play drum music for world peace. They met in the vibrant Düsseldorf music scene surrounding Salon Des Amateurs in 2011. A casual musical collaboration developed in which Wolf Müller aka Jan Schulte aka Bufiman recorded Niklas’ random percussions for his first releases like “Balztanz.” Several crates of beers, incense and … Continue reading


Gehölzpflege (German for the service of “grove maintenance”) is the Berlin-based duo of Bastian Hagedorn and Niklas Wandt on percussions, their voices, assorted or random junk etc. Two players from different pockets of underground music, Hagedorn and Wandt strip off the pretenses and get down to the real mccoy – near-autistic improvised performances that send … Continue reading

N.W. tiresome version

Niklas Wandt was born in 1988 and raised somewhere in German Rhineland and virtually got in touch with every household item with a handle on it before his parents had the bright idea to give him a drumset and lessons. At age thirteen, along came the jazz of Miles and Trane and Mingus, at fourteen, … Continue reading


Playing solo is probably the first musical act of about anybody picking up whichever instrument and a bare necessity from the start – where then is the line between practice and play? What is the value of the hours spent woodshedding versus the condensed time of an official “live” outing? How do you find material … Continue reading


Originally from a diverse self-taught background of Free Jazz, Rap and Psychedelic Rock, Niklas pushed more and more into electronic territory as part of two surprisingly well-received releases in 2018. One is Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt’s “Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World” (Growing Bin Records) , a contemporary fusion of dub, organic percussion, New … Continue reading