Deeply inhaling rock music, then hiphop and, maybe most significantly jazz from an early age, collecting music has been Niklas’ favorite pastime since way back when. Starting to dj was then really just a process of making public and formatting a bit what had been going on at home anyways – with as little care for genre and imposed boundaries as possible, you’ll find Niklas aka Franco DJ play a diverse range of fringe dance musics from percussion and library records, disco and boogie tunes, spiritual jazz, No Wave, far out Kosmische and, yes, some roughed up house music. IN Berlin, he regularly throws a party dedicated to genre-defying dances named SMELLS in various locations such as Sameheads and Loophole.
Guests thus far include Jan Schulte, Retrogott, Basso, Philipp Otterbach, Jules, Twit One, Katzele among others. As a DJ, Niklas was heard at the Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf, in Berlin at KaterBlau, JohnnyKnüppel, Klunkerkranich and Sisyphos, at the Teder/Romano in Tel Aviv and over the airwaves of LYL Radio, Redlight Radio and Cashmere Radio.

Also catch him at his monthly bar residencies at Heiner/Weserstr. 58 in Berlin-Neukölln and at King Georg in Cologne.

Current sets and edits can be found here




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