(by Bernd Frikke) Oracles is Joshua Gottmanns, Nils Herzogenrath, Hanitra Wagner, Dennis Juengel and Niklas Wandt. The band emerged from long-held friendships and musical cross-pollination via hazy bedroom sessions in the summer of 2013. They recorded and mixed their first EP ‘Stanford Torus’ in basements and closets between their hometowns of Berlin and Cologne, Germany. … Continue reading


Notdurft is an improvising trio that first came together in May 2013. The setup of sax, double bass and drums conjures a lot of revered predecessors (think the Albert Ayler Trio; John Surman/Barre Philipps/Stu Martin;  David Murray’s 3D Family, Parker/Guy/Lytton and so on…) and a lot of repressed contents that come to the fore in … Continue reading


Niklas Wandt | Sprecher Meine Stimme zu Ihren Diensten Ich biete Ihnen meine Stimme! Ob als Testimonial, Voiceover, Erzähler, Hörspielcharakter – eine Stimme für (fast) jeden Anlass. Selbstverständlich habe ich die Möglichkeit, zuhause aufzunehmen und zu produzieren – selbstständig, zügig und ganz nach Ihren Wünschen. Eine Auswahl verschiedener Sprechproben finden Sie unter folgendem Link: Bisher … Continue reading

Damsels in Distress

Straight from the wastelands spawns this duo of Tom Lumley of formerly Leeds and currently London and Niklas Wandt formerly of Köln, now Berlin. Mowing and plowing their way through most of the pitfalls imaginable in improvised music, they splatter a lot of brains and viscera, a considerable part their own. After many a gigs … Continue reading




2010:  Panzerdivision Copacabana – Weideland (CD-R in paper folder, limited to 100 pcs) participants: Nils Herzogenrath & Niklas Wandt 2012:  Blemishes – Pure German Hateful And Misanthropic Free Improv (online release) participants: Thomas Lumley, Nicola Hein, Constantin Herzog, Niklas Wandt 2012:  Damsels In Distress – Phallic Power Is Nothing But The Mask (Online Release) participants: … Continue reading

Das Ekelhafte Genießen/ Das Ekelhafteste Genießen

Das Ekelhafte Genießen (The Disgusting Enjoyment/Jouissance) is a trio comprised of Nicola Hein (guitar), Constantin Herzog (bass) and Niklas Wandt (percussion). As you may have noted, these three appear in various other contexts and ensembles on this page and apart from them. Still, they also like to play as a plain rhythm section. Without rhythm … Continue reading



Blemishes is comprised of Thomas Lumley (tenorsax), Nicola Hein (guitar), Constantin Herzog (bass) and Niklas Wandt (percussion). They improvise. They were incepted during a tour of northern Germany in February 2012, during which Lumley, then  a resident of Rotterdam but originally matured in the improv scene of Leeds, England, first met the duo of Nicola Hein … Continue reading

Anthropophagus II

Anthropophagus II is the duo of Nicola Hein (guitar) and Niklas Wandt (percussives) from Cologne, Germany.Their first humble musings date back to 2008 and today, they collide in a lot of musical situations. But playing possibly the most hormonal and angst-ridden instruments at once, no format could provide a similar onslaught as the nucleus of … Continue reading