Anthropophagus II

Anthropophagus II is the duo of Nicola Hein (guitar) and
Niklas Wandt (percussives) from Cologne, Germany.Their first humble musings date back to 2008 and today, they collide in a lot of musical situations. But playing possibly the most hormonal and angst-ridden instruments at once, no format could provide a similar onslaught as the nucleus of the duo.
Free improvisation without the “chambermusical” pretense and with at least one of their four feet in grindcore, mathrock and drones. Stumbling and falling down the stairs included, fork, knife and napkin recommended. Let the food frenzy begin.


Here’s some rather contemporary recordings by this duo, recorded by the impeccable Dennis Juengel in a secret living room in the West German countryside in January 2013. The collection is called ANGST ERECT



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