Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt


Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt play drum music for world peace.

They met in the vibrant Düsseldorf music scene surrounding Salon Des Amateurs in 2011. A casual musical collaboration developed in which Wolf Müller aka Jan Schulte aka Bufiman recorded Niklas’ random percussions for his first releases like “Balztanz.” Several crates of beers, incense and records later, they established a steady working relation both live and in the Wolf Müller Flanger Studio. Many musical worlds conflagrate in their first collaborative recording: of two music lovers with a librarian’s passion; of an acclaimed leftfield DJ, self-proclaimed non-musician and passionate dilettante and of a guy with funny hair usually playing Krautrock and free jazz on all kinds of devices you can beat, stroke and bow. After almost two years of work, their debut double LP “Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World” finally sees the light of day on Growing Bin Records. The centre of the earth contained in their debut’s title is maybe just that sweet spot where the different strands of music cross paths: ethnical sounds as imagined by Europeans in overalls driven into free jazz dissolution, thumping Teutonic funk bass and the inimitable Jew’s harp over pad synths – music that could be culled from a dub-savvy Italo House producer’s sweet daydreams.

Find Wolf Müller and Niklas Wandt in concert for highly energetic and hypnotic renditions of their tunes with MPC, synth, live looping and full drumset.

Pre-order the album on http://www.growingbingrecords.com

booking requests: rob@thepool-london.com