Damsels in Distress

Straight from the wastelands spawns this duo of Tom Lumley of formerly Leeds and currently London and Niklas Wandt formerly of Köln, now Berlin.

Mowing and plowing their way through most of the pitfalls imaginable in improvised music, they splatter a lot of brains and viscera, a considerable part their own. After many a gigs as part of the quartet BLEMISHES, the two finally decided to sack the other geezers for a while and to focus on serving the people yet another unneeded edition of their spectacular duo. Think British style close-listening Free Improvisation, raw emotional late Coltrane inspired Ascensions served with a cherry on top. That cherry is the comforting eventual incorporation, and subsequent deconstruction, of some extremely sleazy kwela and hardbop favorites of theirs.

Hear it on the simple performance recording that they named SECOND CUMMING.

Damsels in Distress did a Germany/Belgium tour in February 2014.  See some results:


DAMSELS IN DISTRESS will be recording their first real duo record in October 2015 and shall hit the road again in February 2016!



Our first recordings, done April 2012 at home

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