Das Ekelhafte Genießen/ Das Ekelhafteste Genießen

Das Ekelhafte Genießen (The Disgusting Enjoyment/Jouissance) is a trio comprised of Nicola Hein (guitar), Constantin Herzog (bass) and Niklas Wandt (percussion). As you may have noted, these three appear in various other contexts and ensembles on this page and apart from them. Still, they also like to play as a plain rhythm section. Without rhythm though, mostly, just diving into loathsome territories of sound-over-music and what have you.

Also, their activities just recently spawned, in an expansion/superlative of their name, a septet with four other improvisers, namely Matthias Mainz (trumpet, electronics), Leonhard Huhn (altosax), Joker Nies (electronics) and Daniele Martini (tenorsax), recordings of which are soon to be published.

l to r: Constantin Herzog, Nicola Hein, Daniele Martini, Leo Huhn, Niklas Wandt, Matthias Mainz, Joker Nies

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