Niklas Wandt, born 1988, Media Studies graduate, plays drums and percussion, writes lyrics and occasionally sings in improvised music/jazz and pop musics.
He is also a freelance music journalist for German radio (WDR and SWR) and print (his most regular output being his music column in the magazine CRAFTRAD) and a voice-over actor (for a couple of documentaries and student projects as well as in the branch of literature readings).                                                                          A longtime music enthusiast and record digger, the pseudonym of “Franco DJ” now encompasses his expanding cross-genre DJing/production activities with a focus on obscure dances.
Used to live in Cologne, now lives in Berlin, Germany.
Niklas is part of the bands Oracles and Transport, the SMELLS DJing team and part of the IMPAKT collective of improvising musicians, Cologne.
His latest regular projects are the tribal percussive dance unit called Wolf Müller (aka Jan Schulte) & Niklas Wandt, the improvised industrial music of Kris Baha & Niklas Wandt and the German language Wave project by the name of Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge.
Concerts have led him all over Germany, to the BeNeLux countries, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Palestine, Israel and the United States.

enjoy the tiresome extensive CV here if you can’t help it


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