Transport is, personally, the closest continuation of what was the core of Panzerdivision Copacabana, featuring long-term associates Nils Herzogenrath (electric bass, chants) and Edis Ludwig (electronics, synthesizer) and N.W. (drums, chants).

Drawing on early electronic music and the German kosmische Musik of the 1970s specifically, Transport’s improvisations are built around the ever so slow and hypnotic variation of steady, motoric drum and bass pulses, bursting into etheric synthesizer washes.
Think Can’s “Mother Sky”, Ashra’s “New Age Of Earth” and Boredoms’ “Vision Creation New Sun” rolled into one tight trio.

Occasionally, the trio is supported by the great Sebastian Lehmann (drums), Dominik Lau (guitar) and Joshua Gottmanns (keys/perc)

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