Notdurft is an improvising trio that first came together in May 2013.

The setup of sax, double bass and drums conjures a lot of revered predecessors (think the Albert Ayler Trio; John Surman/Barre Philipps/Stu Martin;  David Murray’s 3D Family, Parker/Guy/Lytton and so on…) and a lot of repressed contents that come to the fore in the chuckling, groaning and, occasionally, simply stomping sound events – “Notdurft” roughly translates into the necessity of fecal relief. How very befitting!

In conference, reedman Gregor Siedl, bass player Stefan Schönegg and percussionist Niklas Wandt turn out a music with a surprisingly tribal, earthy feel and that moves from rapid percussive exchanges to languid biophilic voice weavings to post-Coltrane combustion with ease.

All of this has been documented in a recording at the HfMT (Music School) Cologne that is soon to be released.

Gregor Siedl – tenorsax, game calls

Stefan Schönegg – double bass

Niklas Wandt – drums, objects

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